Choosing print-type over sports apparels – What’s the best option?

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June 1, 2017 by insportsvilla

In our previous post titled – Micro fiber tracksuits – The all season wear!, we talked about a specific kind of fabric used for manufacturing tracksuits and its purpose. In this article, we would try to answer a question which often leaves sports enthusiasts wondering about the choice!

With digital printing technology as well as skilled labor, it has become a lot easier to get customizable designs such as one’s institutes/organizations logo, names etc. But, as there are many options that are often available to a sports person, it is difficult to decide which one to choose. We will be answering this going further.

On a broad level, there are essentially 3 types of customization available:

  • Rubber-printing – Used widely by a lot of people, this type of printing is widely chosen by people because of low cost and ready availability. For a single line of single color, the price generally varies from INR 5-30, with the higher price corresponding to higher quality. The merits of using this is their low-cost, usability in rainy or rough seasons and fast in implementation. However, the demerits include development of cracks in the text over a period of time and after numerous washes. The printing also starts to fade after say 6 months or so if the fabric is used on a regular basis.
  • Embroidery – This is a thread work that can be carried out either manually by skilled artists or by machines. The machined work is costlier but is much more clean and sharp if compared to the work done by artists manually. The embroidered designs lasts much longer and do not show any demerits as shown by rubber-based printing.
  • Sublimation – It is essentially a process in which a piece of cloth is used and over which designs (usually multi-color) are laid using printers. As an analogy, one can think of an A4 sheet passing through a color printer. Again, the printing is of very high quality and owing to have digital nature, the options of color tones are wide and so, one can get 1000s of color combinations. Again, the print-type last very long in almost all types of work-condition and does not carry any demerit of rubber-based printing.



In all, depending upon one’s budget and purpose of the event, one can choose a type of customization option.

We, at Sports Villa, produce high quality tracksuits, sports jerseys, sports kits and shorts. Each of these are completely customizable as per a persons need. We serve on a pan-India basis and working with us is as easy as talking someone over a call.


Reach us out to know more about our services.

+91 – 8233 690 932


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