Micro fiber tracksuits – The all season wear!

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May 23, 2017 by insportsvilla

Tracksuits are increasingly seen as a reliable sportswear by teams for sporting events across the country. Mainly used as a winter wears, tracksuits serves the perfect way for a sports team to represent ones institution during competitive games while saving self from the ruthless winters!

Polyester fabric tracksuits dominate the Indian market because of being readily available and affordable. However, over time there have been few more fabrics that are increasingly being used by sports enthusiasts for various reasons. One of them is tracksuits made of micro fiber material.

Micro fiber material, also called by few people as a ‘parachute’ material, is a very light-weight material. The material is essentially made of Nylon and is recognized as being super soft and slippery in nature. Mostly, the tracksuits made of these particular material come with nets inside to give support to the extra softness characteristic of this fabric. These tracksuits are very thin and can be worn 8 – 10 months throughout the year. The purpose can be many – jogging, walking, sports events and many more.

Sports Villa recognizes this need and demand and has in-house facilities to serve the purpose. We offer this particular fabric and use the best available grade of raw material that leaves you with a good comfortable experience while wearing it.

Reach us out if you would like to know more. We can be reached out on:


+91 – 8233 690 932


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