Quality of sports apparels & sports goods – Why they matter!

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April 12, 2017 by insportsvilla

Preparation & Performance – two words that broadly sum up the game of a player on the ‘D-day’. Whether the player is from a university or college, competing to win inter university championship, or the player is from a commercial league such as IPL (Indian Premier League), each of them give a lot of importance to the two aspects of game. We would like to talk a bit more on preparation part.

Preparation can be further divided into two parts – mental preparation and gaining skills for the game. Each players physique, playing style, and response varies drastically. Ask any sports coach, expert in their field, and they will elaborate you more on this. A badminton player might have a preference for thicket handle grip while other player might prefer thinner grip. Any mix up in the usage can bring down the game performance many times and a player might not be able to produce what she or he aimed to do. Sachin Tendulkar has many times changed his cricket bats, even during being on field, after realising that his bats were heavier by fewer grams!! Why would have he done that?? Probably because he knows what difference it makes by choosing the right weight bats.

Same goes with all other sports. Not all sports good available in the market confirm to playing standards and as a consumer, we often have little know how about specifications of goods. One must carefully explore options available and experiment with goods of different specifications before freezing equipment of particular specifications.

Similarly, apparels make a huge difference, at least psychologically for a player. A misfit stitched jersey or a material that itches during live matches can distract a players attention and lead the player to make many mistakes thus ending up to a sub optimal performance. It is important to know ones size well and ask for quality material. They are comparatively costlier but they are so for a reason and one must not compromise when it comes to quality!

Note: Sports Villa offers sporting goods and apparels of highest quality. All our goods are certified by leading sporting bodies internationally and confirm to standards as specified by these bodies. All our apparels confirm to standard internationally followed sizes and are made from the best quality of raw material available in the market.
Reach us out to know more and to place orders!


+91 – 8233 690 932


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