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February 21, 2017 by insportsvilla

Sports Villa started as a SaaS company, making it easier for sports club and fitness centers to maintain and manage their membership data digitally. We started off well. Our operations were concentrated in the capital region of the country. Customers came mostly through cold calls, referrals or organic marketing based approach. 
But soon, the reality dawned on me. The problem was humongous in nature. People largely relied on manual work or desktop softwares to maintain records. However, cloud based concept came up with a fixed monthly cost which was not acceptable to many of out potential customers. They had their reasons to say nay to such a solution including low customer subscription rate, poor or no internet access (add the cost of a new connection) etc etc. We realised that we will reach scale but, this would happen over a very very long period of time. And we wanted to be on a rocketship and not a bullock kart!
I started exploring more options and this is when I came across this new opportunity in the space of sports goods and sports apparel. I am at still a very early stage to comment on how well it would fair in the time to come. For now, its all about keeping the head down and working towards building what I have always wanted to – India’s largest and most respected sports brand. 


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