Aerobics – The sure shot way for a balanced body & Healthy Lifestyle

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June 30, 2015 by insportsvilla

Going to Gym or a Health center might be an issue, specially for housewives and working women. So does it mean that you can’t stay fit ? Does it mean that your body-weight continues to shoot up and you can’t do anything ?

Aerobics is what you need! And the best part is, you can do it at home with a limited space and absolute little or no guidance.                                                               aer

What you need ?

1) Some good music. Play tracks as per choice that makes you feel energetic and high on Adrenaline. The music tempo depends on your body flexibility and agility.

2) A bottle of water and a towel

3) Light weight pair of shoes with good grips

4) Dumbles (each weighing up to 3 – 5 kg)

Thats it! Now you can get started. Aerobics includes different actions like, bending movements, stretching, strength training, flexing your muscles. You can do it solo or in a group. Usually, doing it in a group of 2 -3 takes the boredom away and makes the whole exercising fun!

A well-balanced aerobics class will mostly comprise of these FIVE components:

1) Warm Up – Usually done for 5 – 10 minutes

2) Cardio Vascular Conditioning  – Done for 20 – 25 minutes

3) Muscular Strength & Conditioning  – Done for 10-15 minutes

4 Cool-down – Executed for 5-8 minutes

5) Stretching & flexibility – Done for 5-8 minutes

Apart from keeping your body weigh under control, regular participation in Aerobics greatly improves your Stamina & Endurance. You may vary the above timelines as per your endurance and ability to sweat.

For more insights on aerobics, keep watching this space as we will soon post a video showing the right steps to be done for Aerobics by a professional trainer.


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