Why being physically active is a necessity for balanced life!

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April 23, 2015 by insportsvilla

Let’s all collectively accept that work has taken over our lives with worries and anxieties all around! Additionally, the new definition of ‘fun’ and ‘relaxation’ has probably become – Weekend movies or roaming in and around malls. Going to alcohol-rich late night parties has substituted our definition of modern age MASTI! 
No doubt, they do offer a break from mundane work. But does it actually give you the peace, relaxation, fun you initially began looking for? For how long and at what cost will we be under this pretense that is slowly making our physical and mental health poorer – these are the questions one must ponder upon?
Most of our anxiety, stress, worry and tension are because of our lifestyle – the food we eat and our physical pro-activity. Keeping these factors balanced is the best solution to keeping away diseases and keeping doctors at a distance. Just being active on a REGULAR basis for half an hour on any one physical activity – that may include dance, sports (badminton, tennis, football, skating, basketball, swimming, etc), aerobics, gymnastics can put to rest majority of our potential health issues (blood pressure, hypertension, depression, anxiety, overweight issues). Most of us relate sports to a temporary activity without being AWARE of the amazing and satisfying experience of being literally ‘sporty’.
We, at sportsvilla.in, are working with a purpose to make you more aware of health benefits of sports as a way of life, and motivate you to take up at least ONE sports/physical activity on a REGULAR basis. And by regular, we mean 7 days a week and 365 days a year 🙂
No more false New Year resolutions!
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