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August 25, 2013 by insportsvilla

SportsVilla is a name which says a lot about us. A villa under which, you get to know about different sports club, sports activities going year round in different Institutes, colleges or clubs and much more that is to come over the time. Behind the scenes is a team that loves to create solutions; solutions to the gaps that have relentlessly posed problems to the society. Our team as a whole is passionate about sports and so, we wanted to create an enterprise that makes it easier for sports enthusiasts and budding sports stars to count on a credible platform that takes care of their needs. This is how sports villa was born!

Playing some form of sport is still considered to be a recreational activity in our nation on a large scale; many factors rule the roost to this conclusion. Among them includes ineffective and inactive sports federations, lack of proper infrastructure, lack of access to high quality training facilities, lack of motivation, credible platform for sports related information, absence of discipline and lack of access to high quality sports goods. Add to this the career oriented mind set of the parents coupled with the absence of regular sporting activities in schools as well as colleges and the picture of why sports is not a viable professional career in India is complete!

We, as an enterprise, understand these problems well. We know of people, who had desires to take up professional level sports as a full time career, but couldn’t, because of missing of too optimistic and tangible opportunities in the field. There are extremes that exist in this industry. A sports person is not viewed as a STAR, till she/he performs at the highest levels of perceived credibility. This lack of attention and media support is often a dream turner for the potentially next sports star, forcing her/him to give up their dreams and take a more adjustable and conventional path.

We want to change this and assist them in making independent choices when it comes to making a decision related to sports career. We want to make people more happier and cheerful, we want to –

Build a Healthy & Sporty India!

Team SV


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